Personalized Feedback Lessons vs Conventional Private Tutoring

Personalized Feedback Lessons provided by have numerous advantages over attending small classes, or taking private lessons (in person, or on Skype). You NEVER have to make an appointment!! Simply select a practice question you want to answer and submit your response for evaluation any time, day or night. Our TOEFL® experts and professional voice actors will provide constructive one-to-one tutorial feedback on each speaking and writing task for you, as well as a high-quality audio file and custom-made exercises – ALL within only 3 working days.

A personalized Feedback Lesson gives you an opportunity to compare your original response with an edited text. It also includes a professional audio recording of an improved version of your own ideas; which is clear, well-organized and presented by a native English speaker.

What is the main difference between conventional private tutoring and studying with Preparing for the TOEFL® iBT test with us is more personal, more professional, less expensive, entirely flexible and highly effective.