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Motivated by the desire to meet the needs of international students, our team is composed of experienced TOEFL teachers from all parts of the world. We provide constructive one-to-one tutorial feedback on each speaking and writing task you complete, as well as an mp3 audio file of each revised answer recorded by a native English speaker. In fact, we like to call this material your personal Feedback Lesson. This feedback is completely based on your response to a TOEFL question, and includes customized topic-specific exercises that our teachers create expressly for you.

We know that the best way to prepare for the TOEFL iBT exam is to learn from your own mistakes. Therefore, our detailed score reports point out your errors, while providing useful tips for you to overcome your weaknesses and focus on your strengths.

Listening to your own ideas presented by a native English speaker helps you to greatly improve your pronunciation. Submit your response to any TOEFL question found in your books, or on the Internet, and we will show you the way to passing the TOEFL iBT exam with flying colors.

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