At CorrectMyToefl.com, we trust in sayings like “Practice makes the Master", and “Success comes from Preparation”.

We also believe that during preparation you need to focus on what is really important. For example, if your goal is to pass the most widely respected English-language exam in the world with a high score, you need to know exactly what is expected of you.

During the TOEFL exam, test takers are asked to speak into a microphone and record their responses to various questions. (Responses are digitally recorded, and then sent to ETS’s Online Scoring Network for assessment.)

We are convinced that the key elements of successful preparation for the speaking and writing sections of the TOEFL exam are:

  • using official ETS® practice materials (ETS® is the maker of the TOEFL® iBT test)
  • listening to TOEFL® recordings by native English speakers (endorsed by ETS®)
  • learning to take notes, and summarize the main points of lectures and presentations
  • recording your own responses, and submitting them to a TOEFL® teacher for assessment
  • receiving detailed and accurate performance feedback
  • receiving professional advice, with skill-building tips and exercises

What makes CorrectMyToefl.com unique?

At CorrectMyToefl.com, we help students learn from their own mistakes by analyzing their responses to real TOEFL® questions. We also provide them with constructive feedback on every aspect of their English Language Competency, which includes: sentence structure, grammar, pronunciation, spelling, delivery, coherence, word choice, words’ stresses, intonation patterns, pauses, commonly used phrases and confidence. In addition, we provide a detailed score report, custom-made skill-building exercises, and an mp3 audio file of each revised response presented by a native English speaker.

At CorrectMyToefl.com we actually speak your ideas for you!