Focusing on Speaking and Writing 

Why do we focus solely on the speaking and writing sections on the TOEFL® iBT test? The other two sections (reading and listening) are multiple-choice questions, so you are able to correct yourself. Conversely, to thoroughly evaluate essays and speech, you need a teacher. Also, you will need to be familiar with the typical TOEFL® questions, and practice a lot, as each question appears on the screen for only seconds.

There will be six questions in the speaking section of the exam. It will be required that you improvise – speaking clearly and coherently – for 20 minutes while answering the questions. can help you prepare for this. Your personal talking Feedback Lessons will contain your ideas recorded in perfect English.

In the writing section of the exam, you will be required to compose two essays in fifty minutes. The essays must be organized; reasons, examples and details must be provided. You must use transitional phrases to connect ideas and ensure their flow. You will also be evaluated on your use of grammar and vocabulary for effective expression, as well as spelling, punctuation, and layout.

You can practice as much as you want with us by submitting your responses to a variety of test questions ensuring that your personalized Feedback Lessons cover most areas and topics in the TOEFL® iBT test.

Become familiar with the testing process and the logic of the test makers, and there will be no surprises!